Current Lab Members

Calvin Campbell (Lab Manager)

Joined in 2022

Calvin is a Kwantlen graduate who majored in applied psychology and minored in counselling. His favourite courses were Qualitative Research Methods and Counselling Skills. Calvin’s research interests are education, program evaluation, and relationship psychology. His career goal is to drive educational policy to improve educational outcomes. His most fond memory of his studies at Kwantlen was his internship with the Surrey School District.

Calvin joined the GDP lab because he was doing the Honours program. He hopes that, through the lab, he will gain experience doing educational research. Calvin’s strength as a researcher is his background in qualitative research.

In his free time, Calvin likes to play Dungeons and Dragons and work out five days a week. His favourite colour is turquoise, and he can do a neat trick with his pecs.

Melissa Campion (Website Manager)

Joined in 2023

Melissa is a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) student majoring in Psychology. After working as an Education Assistant for 10 years, she is working towards completing her MSc in Speech Pathology. Her passion is working with students with special needs, and she looks forward to continuing her work in this field.

She recently completed the Psychology Honours Program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University with Dr. Shayna Minosky as her thesis advisor. Melissa looks forward to contributing to as many studies as possible in the GDP Lab and attending conferences with the other lab members.

Melissa joined the lab to gain a deeper understanding of the research process and obtain more research experience.

Harsewak Deol (Social Events Coordinator)

Joined in 2023

Harsewak is a fourth-year student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Counseling. He is an aspiring Businessman who enjoys Math, Physics, and Counselling. He joined the GDP Lab to gain experience in research and become more involved. Harsewak’s strengths in the lab are his analytical skills, and his favourite school experience has been making friends.   

In his free time, Harsewak enjoys sports, reading, and working out. His favourite colours are black and white.

Alisha Arora (Funding Coordinator)

Joined in 2022

This bio is a work in progress. More information on Alisha is coming soon!  

Vana Mann

Joined in 2021 

Vana is a fourth-year Kwantlen student majoring in psychology and minoring in counselling. Her favourite courses were Advanced Psychopathy and Research Methods. Her research interests are anxiety, depression, group dynamics and culture. Her goal is to complete her PhD in Clinical or Counselling psychology.

Vana joined the GDP lab to gain research experience, work on studies, publish research, and present at conferences. She fondly remembers her time presenting at the Canadian Psychological Association Conference. Her strengths in the lab are writing literature reviews and creating surveys.  

In her free time, Vana loves to travel, read, and spend time with friends and family. Her favourite colour is pink, and she wishes she had a dog. 

Tanisha Bali

Joined in 2021

Tanisha is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, majoring in psychology and minoring in counselling. Her research interests include psychopathology, neurology, psychopharmacology and mental health. Her favourite courses were Neuropsychology and Drugs and Behaviour. Her goal is to complete her PhD and become a Clinical Psychologist. 

She joined the GDP lab to see whether she liked research, gain research experience, and publish her work. Her strengths in the lab are writing literature reviews and her time management skills. Her favourite school experiences are taking biopsychology courses and presenting at conferences.   

In her free time, Tanisha raves or goes to music festivals, reads, finds new food spots, and travels. Her favourite colours are black and pink (which is why she has pink hair). 

Harkeerat Deol

Joined in 2022

This bio is a work in progress. More information on Harkeerat is coming soon!  

Courtney Schouten

Joined in 2022

Courtney is a fourth-year Psychology student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Her research interest is educational psychology, and she is considering a career behind the scenes in education or counselling. Courtney cannot remember why she joined the lab but is excited to learn from the experience. When not helping in the lab, she likes helping with new student orientation at KPU Welcomes You.   

In the next few months, she will obtain two gorgeous kitty cats named Gizmo (AKA Gizard) and Rosie (AKA Roser Dozer). 

Andrew Schwartz

Joined in 2023

Andrew is a 6th-year student at Kwantlen with a double major in philosophy and psychology and a minor in counselling. Their favourite subjects are Logic, Counselling, and Childhood Development. Andrews’s research interest is human behaviour, and their educational goal is to obtain a Master’s in counselling.

Andrew joined the GDP lab to get experience and explore how academic research works. Their strengths as a researcher are their creativity and curiosity.

In their free time, Andrew likes to go shopping, rollerblading, and working out. They also like talking about politics and clothes. Andrews’s hidden talent is overthinking; they love their stuffed animals, and their favourite colour is pink.

Sumaheep Khatri

Joined in 2023

This bio is a work in progress. More information on Sumaheep is coming soon!  

Niki Dhillon

Joined in 2023

This bio is a work in progress. More information on Niki is coming soon!

Nathan Cassidy

Joined in 2023

This bio is a work in progress. More information on Nathan is coming soon!  

Yasmin Hussein

Joined in 2023

This bio is a work in progress. More information on Yasmin is coming soon!  


Brandon Justus (Honourary Member)

Joined in 2017

As one of the founding members of the GDP Lab, Brandon has always been interested in exploring research topics on the learning environment, group dynamics, and quantitative methodology. During his time in the lab, Brandon did his Honours project with Shayna, which focused on the impact of self-talk on video game performance. Overall, if you are interested in discussing a topic related to group dynamics and psychometrics, he encourages you to email Shayna and enjoy the fun banter in the lab.

Brandon has begun his MSc in Social Psychology at the University of Victoria.