Practicum Student Projects

Summer 2021

Student/Faculty Engagement Review

Michael Wiechers, Shayna Rusticus

During his practicum, Michael was working under the supervision of Dr. Shayna Rusticus and was responsible for researching student-student and student-faculty interaction in both online and face-to-face learning environments. His responsibilities for this practicum included conducting a literature search in this area, identifying the main theories, and proposing ideas for future studies based on his findings. He was also responsible for searching for potential grants, and assisting in the writing of grants and ethics applications. The goal of the practicum was to propose at least 1 study topic and complete at least 1 grant application. Through the combined efforts of Dr. Rusticus, himself and fellow practicum student Leonardo Landaverde-Umana, a research study has been developed and a grant application has been submitted to the Teaching & Learning Innovation Fund (TLIF). The goal is to receive funding through this grant and to conduct the study in the Fall of 2021, which will be looking at studying the impact of course format on students’ perceptions of the classroom learning environment. In addition, Michael and Dr. Rusticus are also working together towards developing a larger study. Their goal is to have the details of this study finalized by the end of the practicum.

Teamwork Validation Systematic Review

Leonardo Landaverde-Umana, Shayna Rusticus

Mandatory Switch to Online Learning

Tabasom Fayaz, Shayna Rusticus, Dianne Crisp